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--- Quote from: zrq on April 09, 2023, 09:34:56 pm ---As a younger Chinese (expat) who had been tricked by fellow Chinese all the time, I'm really frustrated about this. I'm trying to be honest myself as much a possible and but can do nothing about others.

My view is a bit brighter as I witnessed the transition of "Made in China" higher value goods from complete crap into something less crappy, as well as other changes in mainland China as the Chinese people are getting richer. We may just need to wait longer and hope another cold war will not start. I think "Made in Japan" also had similar transition, not in 70s but a bit later (and the role of US-Japan relation in this transition is another interesting topic).

--- End quote ---

Good, have a little patience and keep hanging there a "little while" grasshopper, good things will come eventually.  :clap:

Naturally, like human analogy, before you can run fast, you need to learn to walk properly, before that to stand firmly, and crawl steadily .. etc.

It takes time, again, patience. Ignore the naysayers, bashers or worst saboteurs, they're too scared to see the progress going.

Forget Japan, they managed to learn to crawl, stand up, walk steadily and run fast  :clap: , but when tried to fly ... they were "handicapped" by imperial power, you're smart enough to be aware and know who.  >:D

Yes, Japan is basically "crippled" by design, and your country does NOT have that problem like Japan does, just be patience for little longer, let it ripe, naturally.  :clap:

Would be funny if we could detect when AI trawls the forum and pass all those requests though a word substitution filter so the training text they get is tainted in a known way.

But we might be shooting ourselves in the foot.  Having a really good electronics GPT system would be nice.

It's good to 'practice' the personal justice thing, on Chinese tech, sure, makes one feel good.  But closer to home, for those of us in the U.S. would be a little more recognition of our own 'Dirty Laundrey'.
   Censorship, free speech issues ? 
   Here in the U.S. I've gotten cancelled, from an extra benefits package, worth thousands $.
   "Mr. Rick, it appears the office staff had SHREDDED your files..." The friendly office person confided, without further explanation.
   I figure it was, probably, me working the mouth, as usual:
   "You folks, your office, you need to actually be there, not at home, 'working'.  I couldn't even get a phone-call through, to the office person handling my request."
"...Maybe try less emphasis, on letting everyone know, how 'DIVERSE' your organization is..."

(See what I mean, about me running my mouth, in
 America ?)

No, I do not at all see what you mean.

Ok, I'm often not so clear of a writer (EECS).
   Part of the point being, many times I've come across a fellow American, that confuses IDEAL citizen makeup rather than actual.  An 'IDEAL' citizen is going to recognize stupidity or bigotry in any context, while the actual, quite naturally, will have some degree of bias-induced 'blindness', to actual flaws close to home.
   That means self-critical perception, but worse even, is when the self-critical stuff gets totally shut down, as is the case at present.
   To save a few hurt feelings, I will state that indirectly:
   State governor John Jones, (fictional example) runs for office, garnering all sorts of praise, to the degree that it appears 'unconditional', regardless of actual competence, as a public office agent.
Meanwhile, Mary Smith (fictional) will be running for same office, soon, and every last breath and word uttered seems to involve contempt-riddled and endless criticism...almost as if Satan himself were the subject of such withering scrutiny.

   Looking at that juxtaposed pair of candidates, and the coverage they get, much of the glaring difference of treatment starts to make sense, when the fact that 'its politics' is considered.  THEN, a person often can say "Oh...wait, ...this is just, simply, POLITICAL smear dynamics...".   Not all that clever, either.
(Some just play dumb, when obvious smear tactics are put before them).
Ultimately, some recognize that dichotomy, and have a light-hearted laugh, while others continue to dig in and 'cant see it'.... A bit of Gaslighting, there, as last resort.


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