Author Topic: Dave's noisy wildlife noises are not as bad as mine!  (Read 885 times)

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Dave's noisy wildlife noises are not as bad as mine!
« on: July 16, 2012, 02:30:21 am »
Arizona, Phoenix and Tucson metro areas in particular, are full of Aussie plants that were imported years ago. I heard frog and crickets in the background of Dave's video blog. Wait til you hear my video. WOW! Where is my shotgun? I had a request on how to silence a spring reverberation tank using a method I lucked out with on a very compact old solid state amp. I started my video tutorial. The birds are worse than an old jungle movie sound effects track. Now I can really relate! I will post a video reply so Dave can compare the noise. I KNOW the door was shut on the overview prep part 1 video. The modulated high pitched sound like filtered white or pink noise are cicadas. No more early morning videos after a rainfall. Australian trees and other plants were brought to the desert southwest for farm windbreaks and landscaping that would withstand the heat. When dad was alive his Aussie botanist friend had us growing some neat Aussie flowers. My ex as Australian and delighted to see so many things from home out here. Anyway back to the video subject. We need to get a spring reverb tank to not feed back. I coat them inside and out with thin sticky back closed cell foam after cleaning out decaying foam rubber. The results were great on a Baldwin C-3A Professional with a very small tank that also housed the electronics for the signal preamp, remix and other stuff. This amp is all old very hard to find Germanium transistors. They were incredibly unstable with under designed power supplies. The amp featured in this video is a very unique one that had a pitch shifting vibrato which panned from left to right on the stereo models. These were the most elaborate instrument guitar amps made before 1974. A mono amp has 4 voltage dependent resistors which clamp in a slow no knee bend more linear manner.

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