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BEWARE of fake EEVblog NFT's

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An OpenSea bug let attackers snatch Apes from owners at six-figure discounts (


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--- Quote from: nctnico on January 22, 2022, 04:00:12 pm ---OMG  :palm: Another moron that wants to go back to the gold standard.
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OMG :palm: Another moron who does not understand that the way modern economics is taught in academia and described in media is not the actual way modern economies work.
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I understand enough of it that using things like the gold standard simply doesn't work. All the world's economists that are involved in actually running countries and banks seem to agree on that. Not because of some global conspiracy (please don't go there...) but simply because fiat money works.
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For the economists and those who pay their salaries; definitely yes.  (No, I do not believe in global conspiracies.  Or in conspiracies in general: that which can be explained by shortsighted greed and stupidity should not be attributed to a conspiracy.)

The underlying problem with fiat money is that it has no stabilizing mechanism at all.

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It has a stabilisation mechanism. There are several controls. One is the interest rate for example. With a high interest rate people will pull their money from the economy and sit on it. With a low interest rate people will start to invest and thus make the money available to the economy.

More Than 80% of NFTs Created for Free on OpenSea Are Fraud or Spam, Company Says (


--- Quote from: madires on January 29, 2022, 09:47:06 am ---More Than 80% of NFTs Created for Free on OpenSea Are Fraud or Spam, Company Says (

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Not surprising. Most of the ETH mining is done  by frontrunner bots, ripping off regular traders. Most tradeable tokens are a scam, on some networks like the BSC over 99% of the tokens are scam, and some people analyzing it, the mean lifetime of the scam was 17 minutes.
It's a wild west out there, and the only way for people to avoid getting ripped off is by learning and educating themselves about it.


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