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BEWARE of fake EEVblog NFT's

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BEWARE of fake NFT's with my branding. I don't have any official NFT products.

I'm sorry, that you are having that problem. It is sad that you have to waste time on things like that, because of scammers (or whatever they should be called).

I still don't really understand what the heck an NFT is, given we already have copyright, patents, property ownership, domain names etc. Why do we need NFTs as well ?
It is sounding a bit like bitcoin.

Ignore it.
If someone thinks they can make money out of "crypto"-stuff, let them. When they're broke, it ends automatically then.

"Never give a sucker an even break." W.C. Fields.

Hopefully all that crypto cancer goes bust, like dotcom back then.
My compassion will be similar as with those banksters back in '07-09...


The problem is not making money out of "crypto stuff". Anyone is free to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. You may or may not find that immoral or whatever, but it's (usually) not illegal.

Problem here is that NFT are non-fungible (so if you think cryptocurrencies are a waste of energy, for instance, NFTs are way worse in that respect.)

But the real problem, regarding EEVblog, is that the guy uses EEVblog's image/branding without any consent - which is just fraudulent. The fact it's NFT only marginally matters.

As to why those things sell these days? Go figure. People have, do and will buy stuff because it's hype. And not being physical goods, it doesn't take up any of their available space (compared to a physical painting or sculpture, for instance), so I guess they find it convenient. Or something.


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