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Biden invokes Defense Production Act for printed circuit board production



So, basically, the US government realised "too much of the electronic products produced by our defence industry is reliant on Chinese-manufactured PCBs" and decided to throw some money at North-American industry?

However, $50M seems kind of a paltry amount, does it not? That's probably not going to pay for lots of new PCB fabrication factories, and almost certainly won't have any impact on the availability of reasonably-priced domestic production for SME businesses producing electronic products.

Throwing 50M at the issue is not gonna lower the labor costs. That is pretty much how chinese factories get things done so cheap. Lots of us in the US kind of see the price and don't ask how because we as sure hell do not want to know, but we do know why! I think he wants things to be more automated, and at the point, 50M is not close to enough.

Duplicate topic. One Biden is enough.

I suspect it more likely is earmarked for a precarious congressman's district.


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