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I know, it's way off topic for an Electronics Engineering Blog, but being that Dave used to work under water (at least I believe that's what he said he did before?), and him, and I for that matter, being an environmentalist, and you guys (maybe even me a little) are smart, intelligent, and well rounded individuals, I thought we could discuss what could be done to stop the damn thing from leaking, and how us consumers can rip BP a new one...  haha!  I know Dave has done a blog about Oil already, I know, but he has not done one about poor BP CEO - "Tony Hayward"...  :-P  What an a$$!!

Not like I have much to bring to the table, but I'd just love to hear Dave do a rant about the whole situation...! :-)

Take care all!


I am also interested in Daves opinion on the topic.

What could be done technically to seal the oil leak, is way beyound my expertise. Unfortunatly it seem also way beyond BP's and the US's expertise.

Politically...well, for starters let's not look only at BP. They do what unfortunatly every company does, exploting as cheaply and ruthlessly as possible every opportunity they get.
My question is, why aren't there any effective regulations regarding safety and ecological impact of their activities? This whole situation is in my opinion a direct consequenz of the political fuckup, we are still producing regarding almost every conflict between economical and ecological interests.

For all of the blame and claims of a lack of regulation.. there were safety devices in place, the same as there are on every other oil well on land or at sea, it just failed to work this time.  The safety regulations weren't in place because this has only happened one other time nearly 30 years ago.

I worked in oil production last year on an internship and there are actually a few layers of safety devices (on land), the blowout preventer being the final option.  Since the rig was on fire, probably they wouldn't have been able to use any of the others.

So, suppose there were two blowout preventers.  If the methane gas expansion froze that one up, who is to say it wouldn't have frozen a second one up as well?  What about any other equipment, would it have escaped failure under a thousand feet of water in freezing conditions with an oil/water/gas mixture flowing through it?

The last time I read about the disaster the talk had moved away from additional safety regulations and alleged that BP had simply ignored the existing ones.  In that case, all of the above is irrelevant and we need to focus on scaring the safety regulations back into the oil producers.  At the company I worked for, there were no problems keeping up with regulations, but it's easy to imagine that it isn't always the case when you're a hundred miles offshore with no one looking.

Let's boycott oil!!!!  Down with big oil and the corporations!  Down with Obama!!  It's all his fault!  It's the government's fault.

Oh wait....I live in Southern California so I can't get anything done without driving. Plus, every aspect of my high standard of living is attributed to the cheap energy that oil provides.  And I don't know squat about how my government really works so why bother?

Hmmm...all this critical thinking and exercising foresight is hurting my head.  I think I'll just bury my head back in the sand.  Besides, the Laker's game tonight is much more important to me than some crap that's going on thousands of miles away.  If and when the sh!t hits the fan, I'll just rely on my trusty shotgun and loot from the local businesses.  Our government will take care of us.   Did you know that Lindsey Lohan is in rehab again?  :P


--- Quote from: kc1980 on June 03, 2010, 06:45:21 pm --- And I don't know squat about how my government really works so why bother?

--- End quote ---

This is something that it can be repaired , and you will be named as citizen again.

When the Americans , had throw bombs over the Oil resources of IRAQ , and all the country was on fire from side to side ,  non of the American citizens was worried about that .. ( damaging the planet )

I just hope , that the pain and the disaster , of this fresh event , will educate the American society ,
in order to stop throwing  their bombs, here and there ..      


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