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Brake cleaner is cheap and cleans PCBs really well

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--- Quote from: helius on September 16, 2021, 01:14:52 pm ---I don't either. It does work very well for cleaning metal parts, as well as for removing stains from fabric. These operations should be done outdoors or with fume extraction.

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You can bet it is/was good for "dry cleaning."  AKA, "PERC" (perchloroethylene).  It works well with just a little water (5% or so) and was easily recovered and reused.  Don't know if it is still used.


--- Quote from: jpanhalt on September 16, 2021, 09:31:08 am ---Has anyone tried E85 "flex" fuel? 

In the US, it is at least 50% ethanol + light petroleum distillates ( ).  Apparently the ethanol percentage is higher in the Summer.  In the US, it is spec'd to contain 51% to 83% ethanol.  Many of the commercial flux removers have petroleum spirits in them too.  Doesn't smell too bad either.  It is also less than $3/gal in my area.

I bought some the other day (Summer in Ohio), but haven't had a chance to use it.

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Maybe I got a bad batch or something but I cannot agree with your opinion on the smell whatsoever. The one time I had the displeasure of working on the fuel system of an E85 car a small spill stunk up the nicely air conditioned workshop so badly we opened every door and window, on a hot humid mosquito infested Michigan summer night. Real nasty rotten food sort of smell. I could only see using the stuff as a cleaner outdoors and upwind.   


--- Quote from: Cerebus on September 16, 2021, 12:23:00 pm ---Where do you think all that plastic is? The only plastic I've ever seen in the bit of a braking system that one would use brake cleaner on, the calliper and disc, is the rubber in the hoses and seals (generally EPDM rubber because they have to resist hydraulic oil).

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Most pads are plastic backed to eliminate the use of grease, then you have the wear sensors, guide pin sleeves, anti squeal shims etc. There's then everything in the surrounding areas which will get sprayed during cleaning, arch liners, abs sensors, just about every other sensor...

Brake cleaner gets used for everything in an automotive workshop though, particularly cleaning oil and grease residue in the engine bay.


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