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Branded solder supplies in New Zealand??

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   Is there a supplier of branded solder supplies in New Zealand? Multicore, Kester etc. I'm having a hard time with unbranded (overpriced) solder and de-solder wicks (that don't seem to have flux).

Maybe I'm doomed to have to order anything of quality from overseas?

David Aurora:
These guys?

I'm in Australia, but I've bought irons from them without any issue before


I've used Synergy Electronics, so I'd second that.  Another option is Baskiville:


--- Quote from: Someone on May 16, 2022, 11:28:47 pm ---

--- End quote ---'s not as simple as that. Many places that appear to be NZ stockists are simply shipping in with multi week lead times from all over the world. But thanks :D


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