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I bought a big spool of solder from a local store a few years ago and haven't even used up a quarter of it.  It's Chinese or something.  I know it's good, because it says Super on the side.  Really, for no name solder it works really well, no complaints.

I don't use much solder now with SMD components and even less now that I try to hot air reflow quite a bit.  I had to use a bunch of through hole components about a month ago and forgot how much solder you can use up on through hole parts.

I use Multicore.



For 250g 1mm Sn60Pb40 with flux - about 6$ + shipping
500g 1mm Sn60Pb40 with flux - about 11$ + shipping

It's inexpensive like you can see, there is no point in buying some crappy noname solder because this one is great. There is no point in inporting some cheap stuff here.

I don't know if you can buy this solder in Greece.

(Few words about the smell: I like the rosin based fluxes, they have a nice smell and are not bad for your eyes and nose, just a bit of pine smoke. The more aggresive ones used mainly in lead-free solder are really horrible :) last one I had to use smelled like cat urin mixed with acid  :P  )

Whatever brand I'd highly reccommend getting stuff with 2% silver - lower melting point and makes nicer looking joints more easily.

..and if you really must use lead-free  :P, an alloy with some silver makes it somewhat less painful.   


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