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Few years back , there was many European sources " brands " , that you could easily find ,
medium to good quality of solder ...

The last time that I got , my new roll of solder , I had very few choices to select from.   

And I ended up , to buy the most branded that I could find .. called as NEDIS  Sn60 Pu40 1mm 2%Flux.
And at list it works well .

But I need to know your opinion too. 
Like the brand that you trust more , or like more .   

Fluitin 60/38/2 or 60/40 0.5mm

I've always used Kester and been happy, but I can't say I've tried much else. The only others I've used were no-names from Radio Shack, and the quality difference really shows. Kester's been making solder for over a century, so they've become somewhat of a standard here in the US (though I'm not sure everyone would agree). They're not the cheapest, but you know you're getting what they say you are. Check out their website, they've got a lot of useful info there.

I use the #44 series for pretty much everything, which is RA fluxed. I've got a roll of 63/37 3% 1.2mm and a chunk of 63/37 3% 0.5mm I borrowed from a friend for smaller stuff. The prices can vary depending on which dealer you get it from, but you can expect to pay between $35US/lb and $20US/lb depending on thickness.

I know they do business in southeastern Europe, and poking around on their site the closest sales contact I could find was in Bulgaria. I don't know if that's helpful or not, but I suppose you could always mail order.

You can believe me or not but we have a Polish factory that makes the *best* SnPb solder ever  ;D It's called Cynel and they make a really good solder used by everyone here for long long years. Every electronic shop has it. Everyone here likes it. It's made in Europe according to high standard norms so it has no oxides (PN EN - polish industry norms), high quality and used very long by everyone here and works great.

Additional plus - it has nice smell, not like some other brands with very corrosive fluxes.

Very good quality product that makes you smell like a forest - like a true hard man, womens love it!  ;D


--- Quote from: lhc on April 19, 2010, 05:48:29 pm ---Very good quality product that makes you smell like a forest - like a true hard man, womens love it!  ;D

--- End quote ---

 ;D ;D ;D ;D   

If you tell us and the retail pricing for 250gr & 500gr,
I will decide, if I will share your excitement .. and start dancing too.  ;D

Poland , are an trusted country ( technology - heavy industry ), with very nice people.


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