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Build a electronics lab living abroad

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So I just moved to Croatia from Mexico for work and could not transport my lab equipment.

As a foreigner, and subject to the whims of my employer and new life, I am reticent to start acquiring stuff that could tie me down if I have to move again. But I would like to start building a functional lab for embedded systems design. I assume getting 2nd hand and/or cheap Chinese equipment would be my best bet... but would like to hear some thoughts and opinions (difference in prices, quality, availability).

What would you suggest in this situation?

Deleted because I reversed Croatia and Mexico. PARDON.


--- Quote from: LaserSteve on July 24, 2021, 06:22:51 pm ---CIRCUIT SPECIALISTS in Phoenix AZ for decent but throw away soldering equipment and power supplies. They should be used to shipping South. Find a nice , educated,, senorita and learn Spanish, especially the Northern Mexican Dialect.
Learn to embrace Digikey, Mouser, and Electronic-Goldmine.

--- End quote ---
No seƱor, you got it backwards! I'm not in Mexico anymore, I'm in Croatia.

My dyslexia is acting up. SORRY!  Tap into the Croatian Ham Radio groups, they do amazing work in the digital realm.


No worries!


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