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Buying 3M bumper feet

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Alex Eisenhut:
I can't seem to buy these
in single qties, like one blister pack of 56 feet.
They're either by packs of 18, or in bulk of 3000 pieces, or whatever.

On eBay the shipping is higher than the cost of the blister pack!

Nothing available local AFAICT.
I made the mistake of noticing the feet on my Commodore drives need replacing...  :-DD

So… get clear or black ones instead and call it a day?

Or the regular-adhesive SJ-5012?

Or third party substitute:

Alex Eisenhut:
Oooh thanks I didn't know they were called "bumpers", I kept searching for rubber feet.


--- Quote from: Alex Eisenhut on January 20, 2022, 02:38:47 am ---Oooh thanks I didn't know they were called "bumpers", I kept searching for rubber feet.

--- End quote ---
Like any normal person!

I can only guess that they were originally named for use as non-foot applications, where “bumper” makes sense, like as door bumpers (to keep doorknobs from banging into a wall, damaging both).

I thought you were looking for an exact size, colour, style and brand. All the big home improvement chains seem to have generic clear bumper feet from their preferred hardware distributors.

If you prefer Scotch/3M I found this clear one:

At a glance, the model number doesn't seem to match a 3M model number, so I can't be sure that it's actually made by 3M or if it's been outsourced.


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