Author Topic: Can these universal programmers read/write more modern eeprom? If not, what does  (Read 1960 times)

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Hey all, saw the (old) video on the $50 universal programmer, it looks pretty great, and they are right around that price:

I do have a couple EPROMS, but not many other chips, the stuff that would be more interesting is being able to read/write modern i2c eeprom chips, I'm doubting these can do it, if they can great, if not, I am wondering that can? A similar program interface where you could read/write, see the data and save it to a file would be awesome.

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i2c chips are very easy to read and write. Pretty much any decent PIC chips has i2c functionality built in, it would take maybe 20 minutes to write a program to read the eeprom and send it to pc through serial.
Arduino also has i2c and I think there's even some ready made example program in the Arduino ide to read or write a byte to i2c eeprom.

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It supports the CAT24C32, only one I've tested.

Check the support list for specific devices.

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I2C EEPROMs are pretty standard, there are a ton of 24Cxx devices in that support list, they'll all be basically the same protocol.

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Buy a Bus Pirate, and it will do pretty much any I2C memory out there.

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