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DIY iPhone macro lens
« on: May 03, 2018, 09:52:48 pm »
I saw this idea on 'instructables' a couple days ago, realised I also had an ancient (defunct) 35mm compact film camera so I recovered the lens from it. A rather destructive job and it sure isn't going back together again :)  Anyway, I just held the lens up in front of the front camera lens on my iPhone SE to see what sort of magnification and resolution would be available. Fairly impressed with the result, now need to make a bracket to hold it in place. These photos are using only the room light and hand-holding the lens ( a bit awkward what with shadows and trying to hold it straight!)

This L298N board I marked as faulty because it didn't power up when voltage was applied to its input, looking at the photo though (terminal marked '+12V') I see an anomaly in the soldering. I will investigate that.

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