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Changing career from IT to EE?
« on: October 17, 2012, 12:55:45 am »
Hi guys,

Maybe I'm coming undone and about to lose all my screws but I've been contemplating changing my career from IT specialist to something Electronics related. I've always had an interest in electronics but got distracted by computers while I was at high school. Now I'm 30 with 7 years experience in my role and have become the go-to guy. Realising that this is more a job than a career I feel like I need a change and do something I can be passionate about.

I've looked at BA Electrical Engineering at Newcastle Uni (NSW) which is probably 8 years or so part time. TAFE seems to be the more viable path with some shorter courses offered.

The picture I have in my head at the moment is that I'd eventually end up working in a team repairing equipment, designing products, or developing code (so long as I still get to work hands on with the electronics goodness). I like the extra low voltage stuff... higher voltage makes me nervous.

So I have a few questions really:

Are the TAFE courses fairly decent? Anyone studied there?

I've seen only a few on Seek (AU job site) but are there many job offers for programmers or those without formal electronics education to move into electronics? It there a better place to look than Seek?

Does anyone have any similar experience to share?

Looking forward to any thoughts,
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