Author Topic: non-EEVblog discount code provided by expires midnight EST  (Read 1108 times)

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If you're using a non-EEVblog discount code that is provided by during a special sales event (like TEquipment's recent Black Friday SAVE7 discount code) make sure that you make your purchase using the code before midnight Eastern Standard Time.

During the's recent Black Friday sale, I used their SAVE7 discount code to buy a new multimeter. Later that weekend (the Black Friday sale went until midnight Sunday) I attempted to use the SAVE7 code to buy a Rigol oscilloscope after 9 pm Pacific Time on Sunday, only to get an error message telling me that the SAVE7 code was invalid.

The following day a TEquipment customer service rep confirmed to me that the midnight expiration time for discount codes they provide is effective midnight their time, which is USA Eastern time... which is 9 pm my Pacific time.

I didn't buy that Rigol oscilloscope.  :(

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Re: non-EEVblog discount code provided by expires midnight EST
« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2016, 02:02:36 am »
You really need to improve your powers of persuasion or TEquipment need to review their sales staff for being total robots and actually losing a sale over a minor discount promo on something as trivial as a USA time zone difference.

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