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Computer power supplies - current limiting

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well our system is about 70 psi and i stand a few feet away and let the "wind" do the job, I never get too close, the second story is interesting

I have this Italian hero ( Bologna) .... makes lots of noise when loads with air , but never stopped working since 1980.
12 Bar =174 PSI    140 liters ..

(needs a bit of cleaning , but I do check the oil level in it (lubrication) , more often than the cleaning)  ;D

cybergibbons... very cool pix



--- Quote from: tecman on June 07, 2010, 12:29:04 am ---cybergibbons... very cool pix


--- End quote ---
I agree! Bigger than anything I've ever worked on (aircraft)

FWIW, . My new power supply is fitted and ticking along. Looks as if the two failures were just due to age.

One other dust/age problem is the fans. After being turned off for 24 hours they made a hell of a racket for the first 10 minutes of operations.
I know how they feel, I complain loudly the first time I have to work after a break.

yea my work pc fan does that on a cold winters morning


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