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counterfeit titanium in Boeing and Airbus jets

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F.A.A. Investigating How Questionable Titanium Got Into Boeing and Airbus Jets:
FAA investigates counterfeit titanium used in some Boeing and Airbus jets:

TL;DR: In 2019 a Turkish material supplier bought counterfeit titanium from a supplier in China and sold it to manufacturers of aircraft parts. Those parts went to Spirit AeroSystems and ended up in Boeing and Airbus jets.

For some reason, this funky supply chain issue reminds me of a scandal with an industrial food manufacturer that at some point was selling products containing horse meat whereas it was advertised as beef.

i wanna know what they thought it was. titanium is pretty hard to miss. The thin parts feel very peculiar.

They thought it was titanium because it is titanium; calling it “counterfeit” is a poor choice of word. It’s that it’s titanium of unknown origin and quality because of counterfeited paperwork. In aviation, everything needs a paper trail, and now it’s been discovered that this particular paper trail was forged.

Yea how can there be counterfeit titanium it's an element LOL. Must be the paperwork they mean.


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