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Anybody used Target 3001 for front panel design

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--- Quote from: coppercone2 on December 31, 2023, 10:10:50 pm ---like some encryption virus that attacks your forum accounts and shit so you pay them to decrypt everything. i think it looks like a cypher

--- End quote ---

If it were the topic of the post wouldn't have change to something misleading but on topic for the forum. The URL gives away the original topic title "custom-ublock-filters-for-hackaday-com"


--- Quote from: EEVblog on December 31, 2023, 09:59:47 pm ---
--- Quote from: coppercone2 on December 31, 2023, 09:57:18 pm ---i think he is trying to hack the mainframe

--- End quote ---

Yeah, but others have responded in a way that suggests they don't see a page full of gibberish?
Is the way I see the post different to others?

--- End quote ---

Back when it was first posted, there was normal text + some uBlock custom code filters + some printscreens with the lookout of the hackaday com after blocking.  I don't recall if the printscreens were attached to EEVblog, or inserted as linked pics.

It was just as if the user didn't know how to use uBlock, and took the effort to write manual filters instead of just point and click at what to block.

That was back in September, but apparently the post was edited again in December.  Now I see no text and no pics, only gibberish letters.

Now I see the title of the topic was changed, too, into something unrelated.  Back in September the title was as in the URL:  "custom-ublock-filters-for-hackaday-com"

Now I see only gibberish letters inside the first message (it reminds of the Base64 encoding for pics), and the title has become "Anybody used Target 3001 for front panel design"  :-//

I remember seeing other replies from the same username, some are still to be found in quoted posts, so probably not a bot e.g.!/msg5186406/#msg5186406

Now the OP has only 3 posts, all 3 as topic opener, so probably the OP deleted own posts.  The open topic posts can not be deleted by users, so maybe the OP changed the title/content instead.

3rd post was made after the deletion/edit (26dec) of old post, so I guess that's why it is still in clear.  3rd post is very similar with the one we are in, trying to block parts that can be configured by each user in the forum settings, maybe the OP doesn't know that everybody can hide other users' avatars, or signatures, from the 'Look and Layout' settings:

The similarity (of posting hand crafted filters) makes me guess the account was not hijacked, but probably the OP made a new year resolution on 26Dec, and deleted all own posts, except the 2 that could not be deleted, because they are topic openers, so these 2 were edited into something unreadable instead.


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