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Quite the difference  :-+


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Standard uBlock Origin filters

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My filters

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Here's the code

--- Code:^img.trackImg#hdTrack^div.featured-slides^div.sidebar-widget-wrapper^aside:has(div.featured-projects)^aside:has(div.shopify-items)^aside:has(div.trending-projects)^^ > a:has-text("")^ > a:has-text("Tindie")^ > a:has-text("Hackaday Prize")^ > a:has-text("Submit")^^div.content-ads-holder"/The.*is Sponsored by/"):upward(1) 0px 0 0 !important)"From The Blog"))"See all blog entries")
! clickbait content on the main page^ul.recent_entries-list > li:has(a[title="Posts by Maya Posch"])^ul.recent_entries-list > li:has(a[title="Posts by Kristina Panos"])^ul.recent_entries-list > li:has(a[title="Posts by Jenny List"])
! clickbait content in "more posts"^article > :has(h1.entry-title > a) > :has(a[title="Posts by Maya Posch"]):upward(2)^article > :has(h1.entry-title > a) > :has(a[title="Posts by Kristina Panos"]):upward(2)^article > :has(h1.entry-title > a) > :has(a[title="Posts by Jenny List"]):upward(2)
! Not interesting^li > div > h2 > a:has-text("/^Hackaday Podcast/"):upward(3)^article > header > h1 > a:has-text("/^Hackaday Podcast/"):upward(3)
! Shitposters in comments^article.comment-body:has(div.comment-author:has-text("INSERT USER NAME")):upward(1)
! unwanted topics^ul.recent_entries-list > li:has(h2 > a:has-text("cyberdeck"))

--- End code ---

For those less skilled with code, in uBlock origin, it is possible to point at the elements you want gone.
For Hackaday I use no custom filters, only the default uBlock Origin, just that I do not go to the main page.

This is how I visit Hackaday:


--- Quote from: RoGeorge on September 25, 2023, 09:03:10 am ---For those less skilled with code, in uBlock origin, it is possible to point at the elements you want gone.

--- End quote ---

Yeah, I used Firefox developer tools (F12) to find HTML elements, which I want removed and then wrote filters with static filters and cosmetic filters docs.
It's possible to use uBlock "eye dropper" / element picker tool, but I found it's not as reliable as doing it by hand.

Another hack I came up with today. Prevents YouTube shorts from doomscrolling me into unrelated content.
I got pissed off when watching some quick tool overview and accidentally went into "prank" videos.
Only the first video will be available.

(sorry for pastebin, forum software keeps expanding links inside "code" tag and mangles the uBlock filter code :palm:)

Post the filters on Reddit r/uBlockOrigin and they might get added to the global filter list.


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