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Cutting nylon braided sleeve

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What should I use to cut this nylon braided sleeve?

What I tried so far:

1. Weller hot knife. (A fancy name for flat chisel soldering iron)

If you put the sleeve flat on a workbench and cut it with this hot knife, then as expected the end is not open because braids of antipodal sides melted together. You must sort of keep the braid open and make sure you don't melt antipodal braids together which is next to impossible when holding the braid in one hand and the soldering iron in the other hand.

2. Insert a rod into the sleeve and use the hot knife to sort of cut around the rod. It sort of works but it is not very practical for sleeves about 1.2 m long and the end has now the diameter of the rod.

Do I use the hot knife in the wrong way? Because it's being sold for this purpose.

3. A piece of wood with two screws and a piece of resistance wire connected to power supply. This works because now I have both hands free to expand the braiding while cutting.

I have to cut 300 pieces, diameter 3 mm.

I used some insulting tape, then cut half on the width of the tape. I used scissors. Then heat shrunk the ends once done with my looms.


--- Quote from: mendip_discovery on May 18, 2024, 04:47:53 pm --- I used some insulting tape, ...
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But that is humiliating! :)

scissors, then a quick brush with a flame, or press aganst a hot surface to seal


--- Quote ---scissors, then a quick brush with a flame, or press against a hot surface to seal
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You have to be extremely fast because this stuff opens like spring.


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