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Departure from Hong Kong - Postal services and speed in Europe.


I have buy many items from China , the last three years ..
And I know well that the Greek postal service works like a clock .

So I am trying to find the truth of whats happening at Hong Kong , and the services vary so much from seller to seller .

I do not have an clear picture about the problem , but I do know some facts ...

1)  The fastest shipping time , that I had got a parcel was as 7 days ..
So thats my starting point ,  everything slower than 7 Days , includes an delay in it.

2)  Some sellers are far away from the main large airports , so  they delay one week or more to send the goods, and they mail them all together ones a week .

3)  Some sellers use the cheapest service , more delay just from that ... Even if recently one HK seller was swear , that there is no slow mail  as option.

4)  Many of those HK sellers are dying to find excuses or even to invent excuses.
The volcano dust ...   the crisis in the price of fuels .. the local holidays ..  or even the Christmas days that causes traffic collision , in a country who does not have " Christmas " , because they are not Christians.

5) Lost packages = packages never send ..  why?  its must be mostly , because the workers in those warehouses , speaks even worst the English language than I do  ..  or not at all .
When an seller writes  to me , By calling me as  " Dear " ,  and not as Dear customer or Dear Sir ,
I am aware that the quality of the service will be poor, as the quality of the language.
Its supposed , that the one who will be responsible for the post of the communicator ,
he is the best of the pack.

6) The tracked item :
First day - takes the track code
Second day - becomes active - tracking works.
Forth day  - get in the Airplane - bye bye HK .
Forth day - Arrival goes for custom clearance
two extra days to clear
one day local travel .
Delivery to you ..  
7-8 Days .  

So, vote about the average that you get as speed from the sellers .
In Greece its like 13 days .

And comment what ever you feel like .

can't really see your point, you have no idea how they operate in HK so it is difficult to determine the cause. I have found that small items arrive faster

Huh .. they do have slow Airmail ...

Check this out ..

Section 6 ..


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