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DHL shipping and receiving
« on: May 26, 2018, 02:01:10 pm »
Dear Friends,

I have ordered PCBs from JLCPCB via DHL and I have put my home address (northern Jordan) but I don't reside there, I reside in south due to work and only get back home once a month.

So how that makes of my shipment?

Can't I have some kind of DHL post office box (not regular post office) to get my shipments in it then collect them when I get back?

Or can I ask to deliver the package at their local office so I can get it any time I am free?

most important thing is that I don't want the shipment to return!

What about Customs? can you please give me detailed info about it since it could turn into a nightmare. Since they deliver to home, how can they know the customs? the customs always has their employee at the post office to check and assign customs value on the package.

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Re: DHL shipping and receiving
« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2018, 04:21:12 pm »
Here we have a type of service where DHL/FedEx/UPS picks up the package and takes it to a post office. The Post Office does the rest. If this is how your package was shipped it will be delivered the same as regular mail.

If DHL was to make the actual delivery, then call them to make arrangements. You probably can't get the delivery address changed, but you should be able to get them to hold your package for pick up at their local terminal.

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Re: DHL shipping and receiving
« Reply #2 on: May 26, 2018, 04:45:58 pm »
If DHL delivers the product themselves, e.g. when using "DHL Express" service, then you can pay the Customs fees online before the item arrives, and can call DHL, while the package is en route, and have them deliver to a different address, provided that new address is within the same "tax/duty" destination Country/Province/State etc..I don't know what you do when the DHL service is the one that hands your package over to the local national postal service to complete the last leg, though. Before your package arrives in the destination Country, DHL usually knows what the Customs fees are, for most simple things that have well defined tax and duty codes. So, chances are you may be able to just call DHL and pay Customs with Credit Card over the phone, or pay online using the url,, where you enter the DHL WAYBILL number to see what your Customs fees are.

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