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So the almost daily emails I get in work now are starting to become "uncomfortable".

I fully support the objectives.  I just question the narrative on grounds of irony/contradiction and hypocrisy.

First, since when did it become "Equity", rather than "Equality".

Second, since when was it inclusive to have an advert for a women's only event in same email, to discuss incentivising women in tech.

I really have to start questioning their definitions of these words they use as all I am seeing is latent discrimination becoming blatant discrimination.

A recent email highlighted women's success by increasing the hiring rate for women to 47%!  Did the applicant ratio of men to women change?  Nope.  Is 47% about 1000% over representative?  Yep.

Then they have the irrelevant discriminators.  Sex, sexuality, race, nationality, gender, preferred gender, preferred pro-noun and asking everyone to put their preferred pro-noun on their email signatures! 

It seems they are looking at diversity and equality in a completely different way these days.  It seems to be more about discriminating, labelling, asking people to identify and box themselves, counting them and publishing metrics on "diversity" to managers and hirers, so that they might avoid the "Straight white males" that are holding the company back!

However.  I already tried to raise this as an honest discussion somewhere else and it just got locked instantly.  This is not surprising me.  It's facism.  If you don't tow the party line, if you don't sing with their narrative you are obviously a right wing bigot who should be silenced quickly.

I'm honestly in fear that if I raised it in work with HR I would get disciplined.

I don't feel comfortable as a straight white male anymore in work.  I feel like I'm unwelcome.  I feel like promotions and pay rises are going to pass me by and go to women or "diverse" people instead.  Look I know some men have and continue to be assholes to women, but I don't think it's fair punishing the entire sex, especially not in work.  Keep that shit on Facebook and Twitter.

Where are the discussions on skills diversity?  Ability diversity?  Teamwork diversity?  Diversity in leadership styles, methodologies, approaches....    it seems the whole point has been forgotten in this wave of virtue signalling non-sense over less than 10% of the population in one hand and blatant discrimination of male employees to boot.

Oh and all 8 people awarded the highest company award this year were..... women.

I guess the best thing you can do is finding a new job or at least explore the job market, take some interviews even if do not intend changing the job yet. Your current company will probably implode anyway unless they abandon this nonsense politics. Replacing workers with best skills by those who match their woke quotas does not bode well with productivity. Or you could start "identifying" as woman for work purposes, and chose pronoun accordingly  :-DD

In engineering (software engineering in my specific case), I think there is an observable outcome that suggests a strong possibility that some effects are happening to cause the profile of working engineers to be very different from the profile of the overall population.

Now, that could happen from a bunch of reasons that might be completely okay, supportable, understandable, or even beneficial.
Or it might be from biases or filters that we should work to reduce.

For my own actions, I'm very supportive of examining the questions and working to reduce apparent biases (or even introducing offsetting biases) when they involve groups of people.
As a concrete example: I fully support adding all-women's or historically-black colleges with strong tech programs to the set of campuses that we recruit at. I also support something like the "Rooney Rule" for professional hiring levels.

I do not support introducing "offsetting biases" when it comes down to individual people.
As a concrete example: While I fully support recruiting at Wellesley College or Florian A&M, I don't support having a different hiring bar for candidates from those schools versus others. Similarly, while I support the Rooney Rule (or equivalent), I don't support differences in promotion or hiring criteria to give "diverse candidates" an advantage. I find the desire to award such advantages understandable but still significantly undesirable.

IMO, you fix inappropriate discrimination with a strong move towards fairness and impartiality, not with counterbalancing/offsetting discrimination.

Inappropriate discrimination is unfair, undesirable, and value-destroying regardless of the motivations of the people practicing that discrimination.


--- Quote from: wraper on August 17, 2022, 03:53:53 pm ---Or you could start "identifying" as woman for work purposes, and chose pronoun accordingly  :-DD

--- End quote ---

Officer thinking.

Moving won't help.  I've been working for one company contracted out to three different companies. Over the past few years and they are all the same.

Straight white male.  Do not apply.  We want diverse people and women.


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