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Well I thought I'd ask, I prefer to keep films on my pc and watch them that was as DivX files, if anything it means I don't have to listen to the DVD player making a lot of noise. but my old simpledivx software is so slow and a bit touchy, is there a freeware one anyone can recomend ?

This software claims to convert just about every format and it's free.

Download link is here

Let me know if it works


well after going through 3 pages and hunting for links while dodging adverts I'm downloading "the one" I'll let you know how it turns out

well I've had to manually add each individual DVD file and I think it will convert them as such, I beleive that this is more of a format to format converter than a DVD ripping software, there seem to be a lot of transcoders around these days but not a lot of programs that will convert a DVD to DivX but then I think since blank DVD's and DVD writers are cheap now no one really bothers to DivZX their films anymore


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