Author Topic: DIY HDD platter swap?  (Read 35879 times)

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Re: DIY HDD platter swap?
« Reply #125 on: September 02, 2015, 07:01:24 pm »
Thanks CatalinaWOW  (Catalina Island? I had a great time there!)

Those are great tips. Someone commented previously to wipe down the surfaces so I'll be doing that. it is:
If you do plan to open the cover you can make a white box (large plastic container cut up), sheet of glass a hepa filter, anti static mat and surgical gloves. Liquid rosin on a lint free cloth (tac cloth) to wipe everything down inside the box.

Pickle9000's suggestion to wipe everything down is in line with what you are saying... that getting a clean startup is a necessity. I was planning on doing this and also just running the box for 24 hours before going in.  I also read about removing the PCB outside the clean room, and wiping down all the external surfaces of the hard disk drive before bringing it inside.  Your idea to loosen the screws and let it run a bit before opening it is a good idea too.

Also, jarring the table or the box is on my list of things to avoid.  Plastic tubs are very lightweight, perhaps I'll use some angle brackets and duct tape to hold it to the table top surface.  I also plan on building a clamp on the table top to clamp down both drives so they don't move during surgery. I'll use the mounting screws and angle brackets.    Finally, a little hand-held puffer is handy for blowing things off, and I have that already.

I'll read up more on clean room startup, that's a good search term I did not know about. 

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