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DMM and battery life - battery choices ..

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Any way, if Dave had a link about the ones that he likes to use , we will have one comparison point,
about the 9 V blocks .

Personally until today  I am not aware of any 9V Lithium. (non-rechargeable) or (rechargeable).

Energizer sell 9V primary lithiums:

I recommended people use them in the battery hogging Agilent OLED meter for example, budget permitting.

I don't bother, I just use regular Enegizer or Duracell 9V Alkalines.


Well it looks by the specs that it has as 25 hours of service with 25mAh .. (8 volts )

The Fluke 87-5  by the review , looks to have 1.1mAh ( no back light)

So by my own quick calculation , we have  about 25times the 25 hours = 625 Hours of service,
compared to the about 400 Hours of service ( Fluke words Alkaline )  = 50% more hours,
or just another 200 +/_  hours of service ..

So... if I am guessing or calculating,  correctly,  if the Lithium costs more that two Alkaline's ,
its not worth it at all .    

By the way , with what brand of batteries the New Fluke DMM comes with ? 

I have seen our Duracell batteries we get here in Slovenia perform really poor, quite different from what is sold in Austria. Even some cheap chinese alkalines outperform them. Varta ones are better and for a start, they don't leak after they go dead.
(I've had bad experience with a 'high quality' battery which burned main transformer in heating regulation due to developed short from its leaking 'acid' (which is lye actually) - only Zinc-Carbon to go in there from now on)

9V lithiums are better due to the fact they only have half the cells of ordinary 9V alkalines.
With 9V rechargeable batteries, be sure to charge them the moment your DMM shows you 'dead battery' sign and every 3 months to keep them in service for a long time to come.


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