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DMM and battery life - battery choices ..

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Usually most DMM's  use an 9V battery .

If you favor any brand or type more than the others , just share your opinion with the forum.

I live in one country with stable weather and temperatures  from 12 - 37 Celsius ..
So I can not compare  the Batteries by their behavior in cold climates.

About my choices in Batteries , I prefer most Sony and Varta Alkaline's (high energy).
They usually run well even for 2 years ...

But now with Fluke 87 at hand , I think that I will become more cautious ,
about the selection of batteries,  as it looks more hungry than my other DMM's    

If you are concerned with battery life, use an expensive 9V Lithium.

Most big brand name Alkalines are pretty similar in performance and capacity.


I've put Lithiums into my Fluke 85 and Fluke 77.
We'll see how long they last.
I don't think the 9V lithiums will fit into some meters as they are physically slightly larger than yer average PP3.

Alkaline Battery Shoot Out
Testing 9 Volt Batteries

Alkaline: 600mAh @25mA discharge, ~$2.50
Lithium: 750mAh @25mA discharge, ~$10.00

I can't find anything about lithium 9V batteries in both links. The CPF link is only about AAA, AA and D, the lithium batteries were much better (more than twice the capacity of alkalines). I would be surprised if 9V batteries would show a completely result. The other link is only about alkaline and carbon-zinc.

Both tests were done at much higher currents than your average DMM will ever draw, so it's not completely representative.


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