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Do we need True-RMS clamp meter ?

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Well I am doing some thoughts about getting an clamp meter.

All that I care as specs , are 400 AC/DC 100A Max.

If there was an accessory as an clamp, to be connected on a multimeter, this one would do also.  :)

I found many Fluke 30 and 32 on ebay as used, but I do not know how old are they,
plus I do not know if the True-RMS has any effect in the measurements of Amperage.

The truth are that I am not willing to spent much, that why I am looking for used ones.

Do you need a clamp meter? Not sure, you'll have to determine that for yourself. I've always considered most clamp meters as designed for industrial use, I don't handle anything near 100A, and my conductors are a lot smaller than those clamps. You should state your intended applications.

You probably do want true-RMS, unless you know that your current waveforms are perfectly sinusoidal. For anything with switchers, you need true-RMS. Do note that multiplying voltage and current will give you VA (apparent power), not W (real power). Any meter not explicitly marked true-RMS probably isn't true-RMS.

Other useful features are the ability to measure DC and the bandwidth (determines how well it measures higher frequency components). Fluke probably has a useful white paper about clamp meters

Well , my only main interest are to be able , to measure low-voltage( 220 or less)  amperes AC/DC .
And so I will eliminate the need to split wires.

I have a pile , of ampere meters and DMM's ( as known )  :D

If for an such "average" need , the 10$ ones can do it , them I will just take one of those.
I do not care about the DMM on the clamp , I need just one clamp that could do mostly measurements in amperes. 

Kiriakos, I would recommend that you get a clamp for your Fluke. Beware, there are clamps for AC only, and clamps for AC/DC, you will need the one that measures both. You should be able to find something on eBay, but do your research first. When I was thinking of getting that kind of setup, it was recommended to look at Fluke and AEMC (Chauvin-Arnaux) clamps. There are also clamp meters designed specifically for low amperage measurements. Pay particular attention to the specifications to get what you really need.

Thanks for the tip ... found the AC one ..  Documentation here..

I will investigate more , its not an urgent task.

Still if any one haves any links about clamps for DDM , please add them .


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