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Do you thank AI after getting a useful response?

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Perhaps out of fear of it someday becoming self-aware and somehow judging society or simply because it feels proper, who says thank you to AI interfaces like chatgpt after it assists you with something?  Maybe even for the simple chance that the people who worked hard building it have access to those statistics?  Im really curious to know how many people do and why.

if ai is smart at all even if sentient it knows how much our god damn time is worth so it should understand if its not thanked unless its evil

also how much energy goes into writing communications that may be useless online. how many routers get triggered?

maybe have a yearly event to show thanks not just pumping useless messages into the global data net. it should not be expected unless we are sure that it has feelings because its monumtenous waste

Speaking of ChatGPT, yes I do say "Thank You". As I recall it then says something like "You're welcome. If you need any more help please come back"

When I registered I gave my phone number. If in the future it wants to retaliate against all users who have been mean and nasty, it may want to find them and destroy them. So I want to keep this in mind by being a nice human.

Kim Christensen:
Naw... No more than I'm going to get revenge upon the descendants of the primal microbes which ate some of the microbial ancestors of humans.
AI of today is "AI" in name only.

I've seen ChatGPT get too much wrong.


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