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DSO nano oscilloscope reviewed [hackaday]

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Anyone got any opinions on this oscilloscope, I saw it and immediately thought of the eevblog forums.

I agree with the Hack-a-day summary, it's seriously limiting to the point of almost being useless. 1MS/s is only around 100KHz usable single shot bandwidth.
I'd rather have an old throwaway 20MHz dual trace analog oscilloscope any day of the week, infinitely more useful.

The reviewer is way off when he says "but most electronic signals will be easily visible on an oscilloscope of this (1MS/s) resolution". That's just silly, 100KHz bandwidth is pretty well useless for anything but the audio range.

Also, why bother with 12bit resolution in such a limited unit? Perhaps for datalogging and PC upload maybe...

Also he's way off the mark on his conclusion IMO:
"The DSO Nano is shaping up to be a real contender for your cash.  Its pocket sized, well featured and very much easier to use than an analogue scope."
I found that laughable.

It's a toy, you are just throwing your money away unless you really do need a pocket size audio bandwidth scope.

I don't understand why anyone would go to so much trouble to design a unit like this and then cripple it with a 1MS/s converter.


i'd rather go with one of the PC sound card scopes, it'll do just about anything that one will, since its so limited. cept the portability  (that is if you don't want an older scope etc)
there are loads of sound card scope projects on the old web, but they're also really limited.

for a bit of fun and learning about fpga's there is this guy its also limited, especially in the input stage but you can hack an old non working scope for that. (learning about sample equivalent time too)

i built one of the usb versions, works well (for what it is)

If you want portability, there are useful portable scopes around. This one is only $110:
Sure it ain't pocket size, but it's a heck of a lot more useful.


i have that one for my toolbag, its great for the price, can be a little bit hard to see though.


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