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eBay insanity examples

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I keep seeing occasional prices that I think are astonishing.  Maybe I just don't know something.  How much does a Fluke 732-series reference go for new?

Anyone else seeing over-the-top pricing?

Alex Eisenhut:
Well the listing has ended...

Are you saying it didn't sell?  I found it on a search of sold listings when I was looking for something else. 


For some reason, your link doesn't show the fact that, yes, it sold.  However, if you use this link: , you can see that it did sell.  And, if you search for completed listings that match < fluke 732b >, you see the listing with the price shown in green which means it sold.

I'm really starting to hate ebay ......  :-- :palm:

As for why anyone would pay such a price for a unit that has no history and no calibration, that's beyond me. 

"under the radar" way of laundering money ?


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