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Oh-oh, be afraid, I've been contemplating trying out a live EEVblog show via Ustream.
Why, well because it seems the trendy thing to do, and it might be fun!
Would anyone be interested in watching such a thing?
No idea what would be on it, probably just a Q&A thing based on live viewer questions.
And at what time? A weekday morning somewhere between 7am and 9am Sydney time (+10) would work best for me.

Stupid idea?
Comments anyone?


A-sic Enginerd:
Might be worth giving it a spin. (thinking of the general audience here)
If it were convenient, I might tune in. Not real likely though. Hell, I struggle to find windows of time to keep up on the blog as it is!!

Good stuff though. ;)

7am sydney = 5pm Montréal, perfect!

It think it could be very interesting !

6pm Argentina..  ;D

will be interactive somehow? or just like any other vblog except live?

It would work for some in the USA, but that time is usually home time.  The eevblog allows everyone to time shift and watch as is convenient.

Maybe you can take "call ins" and record the session, and make that pre-recorded program available as an eevblog.  You can take the calls via webcams or chats or whatever you fancy.


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