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Hi all,

I've been watching the blog for quite a while now, and wouldn't mind supporting it by buying a t-shirt.
In the past, I've bought my fair share of t-shirts and such things, with varying quality. So my question would be to anyone who has bought one of these shirts if they're going to last a while, or are they the type that wear out after 15 times in the washing machine?

I don't mind paying an extra couple of bucks, if that gives me a quality product, but I've been dissapoint one too many times in the past...

All the Zazzle shirts that I have got are top quality.
None of them are made in China!
My Flux capacitor shirt is made by American Apparel in downtown LA, and it is exceptional quality, but it is the most expensive.
My 555 Timer T-Shirt is made by Hanes in Honduras, and that is a cheaper option, but it's still very good quality.
And there are many other options of varying quality and sustainability.
You can get any of the designs on any of the shirts, subject to the dark/light restriction thing.


Allright, thanks.
I'll take your word for it and make an order tonight!

"American Apparel in downtown LA"
I can see them outside my apt window almost. Just out the window to the right.

WOW, nice apartment view.  I am jealous.


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