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I've bought a couple copies of Silicon Chip, which is a very good magazine.  Silicon Chip costs $135 for twelve issues (shipped internationally), which is quite a bit more that I'm willing to pay.  So I was wondering if there are any other good magazines based in the US, and hopefully cost less.

Elektor, US subscriptions are found at:

Circuit Cellar


i like elektor a lot, but i had an unusual problem with then that the last time i subscribed, i didn't get any mags, i think i'm the anomaly though.

frys caries it too. and circuit cellar . i also usually pick up nuts and volts, and everyday practical electronics.

there's make too, but its a bit basic, more of a blog in print, though they're a great group.

Circuit Cellar is now owned by Elektor, but will continue as-is for the foreseeable future.

Silicon Chip must be going OK, they have just put on another full time staffer.


After reading the Silicon Chip article on our doppler radar in Sydney and seeing it deviate so far from the slab of information I personally prepared for SC I now have no faith in the accuracy of any other feature article published by them. Some of the published facts were so far from the truth it was laughable.

Most of SC is full of gibbering fluff, and unfortunately is the only Australian produced mag left.
Oh bring back ETI!

Elektor FTW. Always good meaty articles showing a degree of professionalism.


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