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Electron Flow OR Conventional theory.


I think this will be interesting. I use Electron Flow theory because it makes sense to me. However, most schools in Australia teach Conventional for some reason.
For those who don't know what this is all about, if you use Electron Flow, you follow a schematic from - to + as the flow really goes. If you use Conventional, you follow the schematic from + to - (the reverse direction). The same result is achieved from both, however if you look at how things like semiconductors work, Electron Flow is the only real way of explaining how they function.

I'm forced to go with conventional, as it's the way the overwhelming majority of resources for the self educating hobbyist treat the problem. I often conceptualize using EF where it seems to fit better (holes? really?), and I find it somewhat natural as I've been into physics longer that electronics. If I try to go pure EF then my brain explodes too often due to the internal translation. When I learn to differentiate things like sinking and sourcing current it's hard enough for me to get it learned the right way around to begin with!

Sometimes it's better to use electron flow, sometimes it's better to use conventional flow. (Is light waves or photons? Is it better to use time domain or frequency domain?)


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