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Elon Musk's Vegas Loop... Debunking.

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 :palm: Come on... Seriously...  Talk about a dangerous waste of money...

Take a look at that full disco-christmas lighting effect.  I would bet that those with mild motion sickness in those tunnels will either vomit or have seizures in those tunnels, even at 29mph.

That embarrassing junk of a project needs to have those dangerous tunnels filled in with concrete, or, repurposed as a sewer system.


Alex Eisenhut:
I thought this was a solved problem. Now to find a Jenny Agutter lookalike.

I bet that Logan's Run movie prop could go faster than 29mph...

Alex Eisenhut:
Like Star Trek doors, the prop probably relied on off-camera operators to push them along... probably like a dolly.

I think the travel tube from Space:1999 is closer to what the Hyperloop shoulda been.

Maybe someone can email this to Elon...


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