Author Topic: Elon Musk's Vegas Loop... Debunking.  (Read 3802 times)

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Re: Elon Musk's Vegas Loop... Debunking.
« Reply #50 on: June 24, 2021, 04:33:04 pm » is awesome;

Some of the highlights from the official LVCC Loop website last summer

  • The same trip on LVCC Loop will take approximately 1 minute. (reality over 3 minutes)
  • autonomous electric vehicles (AEVs) at up to 155 miles per hour (reality, 40 mph, not autonomous)
  • transport up to 16 passengers with both sitting and standing room (reality, 3 people per car)
  • Operation is unaffected by weather (reality, two of the three stations are outdoors)


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Re: Elon Musk's Vegas Loop... Debunking.
« Reply #51 on: June 24, 2021, 05:36:36 pm »
 Loop capacity testing exceeded 4400 passengers per hour on Tuesday, confirmed today after reviewing results. #OnlyVegas

You didn't read what I said.  I never said it couldn't carry 4400 passengers an hour.  I said the way they measure that is a very very different number than traditional transit systems, and represents only 1100 pphpd (which is what traditional systems measure in).  For example our local expo line is 25,000 pphpd.
What is your problem? What matters is that it exceeds what's written in the contract. pphpd you talk about all over the place is irrelevant.
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