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End of the analog era

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Atoms are analogue, transistors are analogue, electrons are analogue, HUMANS are analogue. It is *literally* impossible to "end" it.

Depends on what you understand "digital" to mean.  A good definition of digital is: a subset of analog, obeying a set of rules, which is easier to work within and, as a result, more powerful.

Then, there's no argument over "analog vs. digital", because digital is implemented by analog, and this is maybe understood implicitly by some, but bears emphasizing as above.

Likewise, there's no "end", only new beginnings: we can configure analog systems however we like, and as it happens, there are configurations that permit simpler, more productive rules.  Indeed it's been so productive that we've had multiple levels of abstraction over the last few generations, as software is built upon hardware, and software is built upon in turn; structures evident in OS architectures and programming languages, to name two examples.  It builds on top, it doesn't destroy.

Like that other thread on here maligning Arduino and "forgetting the classics" or whatever is being discussed there (I don't care to read or participate in such threads), it's not "killing" the old way, it's a new way of doing things, it builds on top, it doesn't destroy.



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