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--- Quote from: Sal Ammoniac optimized for Office Realism Mode on June 15, 2021, 03:13:12 pm ---In Case of Fire:
git commit
git push
git blame
git outa the building

--- End quote ---

That git-dramatize-upstream command mentioned earlier gives me an idea though. Something along the lines of "GPT-3 + github + 4chan".  >:D Possibly with a flame fest preprocessor. Mmmh, now that I think about it ... there is bound to be someone else who already implemented it.

Canis Dirus Leidy:

--- Quote from: Nominal Animal on June 15, 2021, 09:43:06 am ---Ehh?

--- Code: ---$ man -k drama
drama: nothing appropriate.

--- End code ---

--- End quote ---
Behold the power of Markov chains!

--- Code: ---git-taunt-mailing-list - incorrectly taunts non-performed downstream mailing lists outside other reset stash entries, modifies setups, etc.
--- End code ---

P.S. In reality, this is, of course, just example of random text generator works. But sometimes it's funny.

Sal Ammoniac:
git-piss-off-torvalds - posts request to rewrite the kernel in C++ to the kernel mailing list.

Newly minted engineer is looking for a job when he stumbles across a huge engineering facility being built. Sign says 'help wanted' , so he walks in and asks where he can apply. One of the builders directs him to the foremans office. The engineer thinks this is odd but goes nonetheless. Knocks at the door and asks if he can hand his resume. The foreman looks him over and says " don't need that, you can start immediately, we're very short staffed. Oh wow, what luck the engineer thinks. The foreman takes him outside the mobile office , points ot a pile of dirt and says "see that pile of dirt ? it needs to be moved over there." The engineers says " oh , but .. i'm an engineer and" , the foreman interrupts him mid sentence and says "Ah, Ok, let me explain it again then"


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