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Ever been so mad at a project you wanted to just smash it into the concrete?

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Conrad Hoffman:
I used to be good at fixing things. I'm reasonably sure of this because sometimes people even paid me and were usually happy with the work. Lately I can't seem to fix anything successfully. Right now I'm working on my Kodak 4400 Carousel projector. It had ceramic pieces falling out of the fan vent so I figured it needed an inspection to see what was going on. I have three service manuals and they basically say "remove the six screws and take off the bottom cover." Right. I can't get the front (handle) edge of the cover to budge. It's shifted slightly, but feels like it's screwed or glued. If I pull any harder it's going to break. So now I'm stuck. I can't get it apart and I can't get it back together because it doesn't line up quite right and refuses to move. This is at least my third session with it and I had to put it down and just walk away because it would have been shards and pieces if I kept at it. I did figure out what the ceramic bits were. Peering inside, there's a large white power resistor. The ceramic coating is flaking off the windings, probably nothing to really worry about. It's just old. Not a clue how to get it back together.  :'(

Either there are hidden screws or tabs holding the case together, or there is another piece that must be removed first to allow it to move. Hiding screws underneath labels or rubber feet is very common. Don't these projectors have a lamp module that slides out before it can be further disassembled?


Yes, I certainly feel this way some times.

Looks for a video maybe ?   There sure area  a lot of fixit videos out there these days.

It has been a long time but I have thrown things before.


m k:
Good cases for anger and nerve management are unsupported DIY toner and ink fillings.

You just must keep your cool or the stuff is all over the place, and in case of ink it'll definitely be over you.
With toner then you can't even sigh freely.

One of the things I love about having chosen electronic design as a career path is the never ending source of opportunities to work on personal growth and mindset. I'm eternally grateful when things go wrong, at least eventually.


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