Author Topic: Extech MN47 - either I'm an idiot or there is no backlight (or both)  (Read 1636 times)

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Thought I'd pick up the MN47 as a backup meter since it seems to be the replacement for the EX330.  There are some plusses and minuses in comparison to the 330 but mostly it is an improvement.  This one includes a case, for one, and while the rubber housing is no longer removable, the probe holsters on the back are convenient and it sits on a desk much better than the 330.  Also, the high voltage detector no longer uses a button that bypasses the off switch so off = off.


It says so right there on Amazon:

And on TEquipment:

In fact it says so repeatedly in product listings all over the web.  That's one of the reasons I returned the 330 I had purchased to exchange it with the 47. But I don't need a light meter to measure the lumens this screen is giving off.  I'm pretty sure it is ZERO, because there is NO BACKLIGHT.   >:(

Good pictures of this meter were hard to find so I figured there was some hidden backlight switch or maybe it had ambient light detection or maybe it was some combo of buttons to turn it on.  NOPE.  No mention of it in the manual.  No switch.

Oh well.  I still think it's an overall improvement.  My biggest disappointment is...  the internet lied to me.

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Re: Extech MN47 - either I'm an idiot or there is no backlight (or both)
« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2013, 05:17:01 am »
The data sheets on the retailer's website says that is has backlight, but on the Extech website the description is "high contrast" instead of "backlit". I'd say that somewhere along the line the specifications got changed and no one noticed at the retailers. I would complain to the retailer you got it from if they advertised the same and ask for your money back or compensation.

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