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Simple question: what are your favourite technical books and why?

Crenshaw: Math-toolkit-for-real-time-programming. An interesting book about building integrator and differentiators on small 8bit micro controllers with a sense of humour.
(a free version can be downloaded from some website. But I 'don't know if I can post a link here.)

Sedra Smith: microelectronic circuits.
Well known to must of you for those who still play around with bare transistors. A compact, dense and to the point book. More modern books are boring, heavy and half of the pages could be left out because they contain to much useless illustrations.

Jasper J goedbloed: electromagnetic compatibility. A relative unknown but extremely valuable book about EMC. A good mix between theory and practice. I guard my copy like a dog.

Mine is AoE3 (plus X-chapters), but I'm looking for more reading like this. I've read "current sources voltage references", it was also enjoyable reading, though not sure I want to re-read it.

"favorite" shifts around depending on what I am interested in at the time.  But the books I have probably used the most over the past 25-30 years are

Probability, random variables and stochastic processes, 2nd edition, by Papoulis

Fields and waves in communication electronics, 2nd edition, by Ramo, Whinnery and Van Duzer

Perhaps not the world's best books, but they have wide scope so include a ton of topics.  Both are falling apart from years of use. 


I too can recommend the Art of Electronics (Horowitz and Hill), but I haven't read the x-chapter supplemental book yet.

The truth thesedays though is that an awful lot of topics are more quickly looked up online than in books, not so good for overviews of topics as books are, but easier for searching for one narrow thing. Ofcourse browing is easier in a book, especially if you don't know what the search term would be to find some specific thing online.

120 pages of goodness:


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