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Finally a good Multimeter

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Just have to tell you guys that i finally got me a good multimeter, ive bought a slightly used Fluke 189 (not the II version) and im very pleased with it
it have all the functions i can think of. :) :) :)

it whas a bargain, only $130 from a local electrician who was closing down his shop.


Yep just like that one  :P

interresting to see what the final bid will be.


Ok i think i made a good deal on my multimeter with $130. The one on ebay ended at $317 plus shipping so...

Yeah, $130 for a fluke 189 is an excellent deal. I think I paid €150 (about $180 at current exchange rate) for one a number of years ago. $317 is more than I would be willing to pay without calibration or warranty, it's too close to the new price of something like a Fluke 87 in my opinion.


--- Quote from: MyZirconia on June 19, 2010, 05:24:17 pm ---The one on ebay ended at $317 plus shipping so...

--- End quote ---

It was expected ... It was had all the extras about 100$ worth ..

For 212$  I got the Fluke 87-5 from ebay too , but it was fresh like cream  9/2009.
I am very lucky on eBay ...
so lucky , that if had this luck and in other areas of my life ,
I would had an more balanced life style ..  ;D



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