Author Topic: PC or Mac spaceship controller peripheral on Australian GoodGame TV show  (Read 857 times)

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on GoodGame  ABC TV  13-9-16    Flat Earth Games shows off a PC /Mac  spaceship controller
 Flat Earth Games
GG on YT
will this type of video game genre work . can a controller peripheral like this make a PC or Mac game more fun to play?
like your options of this PC/Mac game controller setup please, is this   if you have seen the GoodGame TV  show , the controller by Flat Earth Games has some of the look as of the 2002 Steel Batallion Controller.   Update -  added  3 screen caps from the GoodGame  video    can not delete this post, so if you do not like game stuff   :popcorn:
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Re: PC or Mac spaceship controller peripheral on Australian GoodGame TV show
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The custom controller system a good idea. People have created similar custom controllers for Kerbal Space Program. If they're planning to commercialize it, I think they could have problems. It's going to cost a lot to manufacture. Of course, what they were showing is only a prototype. Maybe they can shrink it and scale it down enough to make it feasible. People who are into flight simulators willing pay for expensive and elaborate setups, but those are somewhat more generic and not limited to one specific game only.
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