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Got my Wriggle
« on: June 20, 2017, 08:29:16 am »
Yeah, I know.  That was clickbait.  ;)

My Rigol 1054Z showed up today (actually, the sticker from FedEx showed up on my door).  So, I zapped out to pick it up, got it fired up, all is good.  Of course, it is now an 1104Z.  Thank you, Riglol.

Makes me wonder how that site stays up.  Also makes me wonder how unhappy Rigol is about its existence.  But at any rate, the 1104Z has now landed, at least for me.

Had a busy day.  Got some lumber cut for my new desk in the electronics room (got it home using the roof rack on my Civic), bought an inexpensive bandsaw for cutting pcb boards ($150 CAD on sale at Canadian Tire), got some lumber cut for my UV lightbox, designed some brackets to hold the lightbox together.  Picked up what I hope will be suitable screws for the brackets.  Didn't find any time in there to study for my electronics course, but I will tomorrow.

And tomorrow, Amazon is delivering a toy that turns my dremel into a mini drill press for drilling circuit board holes.  That will have to do until my computer controlled mill happens (and that's not happening any time soon).

Also ordered an electronics timer from AliExpress which may, and the operative word really is may, be a decent timer/controller for my lightbox.  The conversion from Chinese was so terrible that I really had trouble understanding what they were saying.  I guess I'll find out in 3 months, when it shows up.

That's it.  Going to bed.  >Charlie

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