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A viewer sent me this interesting link:

I can't speak Russian, but it looks like you can turn the Fluke 15 into the Fluke 17.

Nothing new with Fluke though, the original 75 series meter way back in the early 80's could be turned into a 77 by changing a jumper. It even had the button already there that did nothing!


Interesting.  This model isn't listed on the US Fluke website.  It doesn't seem to be built with the same robustness.

a single drop?

It's an asian market model only pioneered by disastrous Fluke 19. Made in China of course.
I might see if I can get my hands on one.


The Fluke 17 was sold in the US, as a Sears Craftsman model. (I'll have to wait until I get home to see the model.)

It has a unique red holster, and different colored case, but take it apart, and the board is marked "Fluke 17."

I'm sorry, I didn't read all of saturation's post.   I apologize for posting duplicate info.

Here are some pictures:


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