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Fluke 8010A multimeter from Ebay a good buy?

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So, if I can get one of these for around $40-$50 shipped from eBay, is that a good buy?

I already have a cheapie handheld multimeter and I'd only need a multimeter for bench use.

Only if you need a manual ranging bench meter.
As a general use multimeter any autoranging handheld unit will be much more versatile.


I can probably deal with the inconvenience of having to manual range. I ended up buying one for $35 shipped, probes included. As a student I'll skimp out as much as possible :P

Hey Dave, I don't want to open up another thread to ask this. Which of these $100 oscilloscopes should I get? They're the only cheap ones in my area.

The 75MHz seems better but I can't find any information about it online, so I'm not sure it'd be easy to service (although it seems like you could buy the service manual from some sites)

About auto ranging: IMO it's just a convenience feature, it doesn't make the meter any more versatile. Plenty of people who swear by manual ranging meters and swear at auto ranging ones ;). I wouldn't buy a manual ranging meter unless it had some other desirable feature, but I'd prefer an old Fluke (even if it doesn't have as much features) to any meter than you can get for $35 shipped new.

I'm not Dave, but I'd choose the 75MHz one. Philips is a fairly decent brand of oscilloscopes (it's not Tek, but neither is BK Precision). Documentation is usually easily available (but not for free). Philips don't use many custom parts, so that makes them fairly easy to repair.

Apart from the better brand/scope, the ad for the Philips scope looks much more appealing to me:

* Much better pictures
* Includes probes (you can easily spend another $50 on those, depending on quality)
* Includes manual (not sure if that includes service documentation, but at least you have the operating manual)
* Describes defect (broken power switch), looks more honest and thorough
* Is probably a personal scope, the other advertises at least six, so those might come from a school or business


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