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FLUKE 87 got an Cousin marketed by RS


Not a True RMS , but close enough .

If some one finds a better picture of it , just post it.

That meter is or was shit.
I had one many years ago (they still sell it it seems) and the plastic internal case supports just broke off when I took it apart. Crap.


Well the most "interesting part " are the similarities , housing - buttons - even the fusing ratings. 

Its 100% a Cousin , but how in earth came up ?
The chicken came up first , or the egg ?   ( hard to tell question )  :)

They likely copied the Fluke design to piggyback on Fluke's marketing and popularity. It's much more likely that some unknown Chinese factory copied the Fluke design than the other way around (what would Fluke have to gain?). Plenty of DMM's, oscilloscopes and other equipment that copies the looks of a brand-name product, unfortunately they don't usually copy the quality.


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