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Fluke Lifetime Warranty

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If you buy a second hand Fluke that has a lifetime warranty can you still use it to get the multimeter fixed if it develops a fault?
Can't find much on the Fluke site, if anyone knows or has a link I'd be grateful.

Technically, no. I believe the warranty is for the original owner only.
But there have been endless reports over the years of people having their 2nd hand meters fixed for free.


Another factor of influence about the acceptance for coverage , it could be the Country that you live.
And the local representatives ..

It looks that you stay in UK ..   and  I am not aware if the Fluke products ,
gets support from the European network , or direct from Fluke .UK  that deals directly with the American Fluke network.  

But I will agree with Dave ,  they do some exceptions from time to time.
( I got the same words , and from the Greek authorized seller )  
And the only unquestionable warranty , comes from the authorized Fluke sellers.  
And the warranty its not transferable.

Also, the "lifetime warranty"is not your lifetime, it's the lifetime of the product - as defined by Fluke.  A product's lifetime ends seven years after they stop making it, but everyone gets at least ten years from the date of purchase.  (so the folks buying the last ones get ten years instead of seven)

However, as Dave and K. say, they make exceptions. 

what if the original purchaser was the us military and part of the case is mia???


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